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This Dell G15 Ryzen Edition laptop is over $200 off

A dell g15 Ryzen edition laptop
(Image credit: Dell)

Another deal has popped up as we roll onwards towards Black Friday for those who find themselves in want of a gaming laptop. Another of Dell G15 laptops has seen a price cut. It’s not quite as on budget as yesterday’s deal, which while still up gets you $333 off the i5 GTX 1650 variant, but this is more of a gaming focussed rig, so still definitely worth a look. 

This is Dell’s G15 Ryzen edition gaming laptop and as such it features an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 8-core processor. That’s teamed up with the Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti, which is a newer entry level card for the company, and 8GB of DDR4 RAM. It also has 256GB worth of PCIe SSD installed, which isn’t heaps but will hold a few games, and should at least, be nice and fast. Plus games should look fairly decent on the 15.6" 1280 x 1080 120Hz screen.

Dell G15

Dell G15 Ryzen | 15.6-inch | AMD Ryzen 7 5800H | Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti| 1080p | 120Hz | 8GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,318.99 $1,101.51 at Dell (save $217.48)
At a bit over $217.48 off, this is a fairly good price for a unit featuring a AMD Ryzen 7 5800H chip paired with Nvidia's new entry level RTX 3050 Ti. It's a laptop that should handle most gaming while still being understated and useful enough for work purposes. However, as this isn't a mindblowing deal, it's worth checking around a bit to see if there's a better fit for you first

It’s still not necessarily the best laptop deal we’ve seen going around, so make sure to check out our constantly updated list. With the current discount you’ll pay $217.48 less than usual, putting the unit at $1,101.51. Just over a grand for a laptop with these specs is still by no means a bad deal and free next day shipping is a nice little sweetener.

Other nice features it includes are things like a not bad sounding webcam, which despite being super useful in today's constant video call world, just isn’t that common on gaming focused laptops nowadays. It also doesn’t look half bad, with a more understated silver angular design. This thing can easily pretend to look at home on a work desk if it needs to.

Windows 11 home is another win. You may want to read up on how to optimise it for gaming, but it does save you the trouble of having to upgrade further down the line. This way you’re kicking off with a brand new OS, straight from the start.

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