This Dark Souls 3 mod brings Sekiro's weapons and movesets to Lothric

Dark Souls with Sekiro weapons
(Image credit: From Software, modded by Rhodan)

If you're like me, every new playthrough of Dark Souls 3 demands a new weapon, trying your luck with a new aspect of the game's arsenal. But if you're looking to really dart around Lothric's monsters, you could always try returning to Dark Souls 3 with one of nine weapons pulled from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Spotted by the chosen undead over at RPS, Rogier "Rhodan" Noordhuizen's Blades Of Ashina mod let you nip around with the lightning-fast strikes of Fromsoft's more recent slasher. While it's been out in some form since last June, the latest Nexus release lets you play around with nine of Sekiro's weapons—from Katanas and Kunai to the more esoteric Flame Vent and the Talon Of Hatred. 

The best part? These aren't simply model swaps for existing weapons. Each comes with a bespoke moveset that aim to emulate their corresponding Sekiro attacks as closely as possible. 

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Now, it's not like every Souls weapon is a lumbering great bastard sword. But even the nippiest daggers don't move this fast, and it's wild to see a Souls hero leap and bound in a terrifying murder ballet. As demonstrated, Rhodan isn't just working with player weapons, either—some boss attacks are making their way from Sekiro to Souls, with terrifying effect.

"I always try to make each weapon keep in tune with the 'spirit' of the boss behind it, and this one is by far one of my favourite forms of that so far," he writes, while demonstrating Owl's sword's flippin' great backflips.

Sekiro isn't the only Fromsoft game modders are trying to squeeze into Dark Souls 3, mind. Last year, Fraser wrote about a mod that lets you cosplay one of Bloodborne's spooky hunters, complete with that game's slick trick weapons. Bloodborne might still be criminally locked to the PS4, but at least we can make pretend in Dark Souls.

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