This brushed metal case shows off your graphics card behind a glass panel

The best PC cases offer plenty of airflow and various building amenities, like thoughtfully placed cable cutouts. They also allow you to show off your components, like the best graphics cards on the market. Gigabyte's new Aorus AC300 Glass certainly does, with a tempered glass side panel and two different ways to mount your graphics card.

We've seen previous iterations of this case, each with an acrylic side window. The substitution of tempered glass is the main thing that is new with this version. It's also tinted.

"The tempered glass features abrasion, rub, and scratch resistance maintaining a clean and classy look for your system. The black tint offers a unique contrast with your system while offering a subtle low key look," Gigabyte says.

Gigabyte also said it enhanced the chassis to reduce pressure on the glass, as a precautionary measure to prevent it from cracking or breaking. This entails a gap between the glass and metal.

Gigabyte also upgraded the front I/O panel. It now offers access to LED controls and features two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, and audio ports.

You can mount your graphics card vertically in the AC300 Glass, as an increasing number of cases are starting to allow. You'll need a riser cable though, and it's not clear if one is included with the case.

For storage, you can install up to three 2.5-inch drives behind the motherboard tray, and two 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives in the main section.

The case comes with a 120mm fan in the front and another in the rear. You can add up to two more 120mm fans in the front, or swap out the existing one and for a pair of 140mm fans. There's also room for two 140mm or three 120mm fans up top.

Gigabyte didn't say when the Aorus AC300 Glass will be available or how much it will cost. As a point of reference, the previous version (with an acrylic window) sells for $93.03 on Amazon (on sale from $129.99).

Paul Lilly

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