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This Alienware m15 R3 gaming laptop is primed for 300Hz gaming and currently $650 off

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So you want a Cyber Monday gaming laptop that can do it all, huh? Gaming, productivity, editing, ray tracing. You've come to the right place. This Alienware m15 R3 from Dell is just the ticket when it comes to all those things. That's thanks to an RTX 2070 graphics card, 32GB of memory, an eight-core CPU, and $650 off the list price. You love to see it. 

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Cyber Monday bargains.

The Alienware m15 R3, coming in at $1,599.99 on the Dell store, is fitted with a full-fat RTX 2070 with 8GB of memory, and while that's not one of those shiny new RTX 30-series cards we keep banging on about, mobile versions of those are yet to be announced. For now, the RTX 2070 is still one of the absolutely best mobile GPUs money can buy.

That's paired with a 15.6-inch 1080p screen, which is fine, except for the fact it's also rated to 300Hz, which is great.

In order to make good use of that, you'll want a decent CPU. One that's capable of not only keeping up with your GPU at high frame rates but also offering plenty of power for productivity and even content creation tasks. That's where the eight-core Core i7 10875H comes in (and the 32GB of DDR4 memory, too).

Only nominally slower than the Core i9 10980HK, the fastest mobile chip Intel currently offers, the Core i7 10875H is rated to a boost clock of 5.1GHz. That's seriously quick for any processor right now, mobile or desktop. To ensure efficient and cool operation, Dell's offering its HyperEfficient Voltage Regulation and Cryo-Tech Cooling technology to do just that. In my previous experience with this cooling solution (within the larger m17 laptop), I found it runs a little on the hot side, but it appears to get every drop of performance out of silicon.

Alienware m15 R3 gaming laptop | RTX 2070 | Core i7 10875H | $2,279.99

Alienware m15 R3 gaming laptop | RTX 2070 | Core i7 10875H | $2,279.99 $1,599.99 at Dell ($650 off)
The specs speak for themselves with the m15 R3: an eight-core Core i7 10875H CPU, Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card, 300Hz 1080p panel, 512GB PCIe SSD, and 32GB of DDR4 memory all within a sleek chassis. This is a machine that's primed for gaming and content creation. 

It's also working in a relatively confined space, too. Unlike some hulking behemoths, the Alienware m15 R3 comes in Alienware's relatively new and pretty sleek chassis. 

It looks like this particular laptop is available in 'Lunar Light' only, which is basically a nice light grey. Not to worry if that's not your thing, you can tack on a dBrand Cyberpunk 2077 skin for $59.99 extra—a small price to pay for that 1337 gamer look, definitely.

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