This $90 Phanteks mid-tower case is on sale for $52.50 after mail-in-rebate

If you're looking for a computer case with a tempered glass side panel and don't want to spend big bucks on one, take a look at the Phanteks Eclipse P400S (PH-EC416PSTG_BK). This "silent edition" carries a $90 MSRP, but can be had for $52.50 on Newegg today.

The case is on sale for $75. Use promo code PPSALE18 at checkout to save 10 percent, and then take advantage of the $15 mail-in-rebate.

We haven't built a system inside this particular model, though if you put any stock into user reviews, it seems to be a well-liked chassis.

In addition to using tempered glass, the case has a built-in RGB lighting controller, 3-speed fan controller, and sound proofing panels (top, front, and right side) to muffle noise.

The case comes with a 120mm fan installed in the front and another in the rear. You can install up to two more in the front, or swap the existing one out for up to two 140mm fans. There's also a pair of 120mm/140mm fan mounts up top.

For storage, the case supports up to six 3.5-inch drives and up to two 2.5-inch drives. It can also accommodate long graphics cards up to 15.2 inches.

The case is available in a variety of color options, and the promo code works with all of them. However, it's the all black model that is the least expensive, both initially and after the mail-in-rebate.

You can find the case on sale here.

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