This 2TB SSD for $163 would make for a great place to store your games

Mushkin SSD
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Even though solid state drives are much cheaper than they used to be, the ever-increasing size of major games has led to many people sticking to traditional hard disks for storing their Steam libraries. Thankfully, a deal occasionally comes along that brings down SATA SSDs to even lower prices, and that's exactly what has happened. Newegg is now selling the Mushkin Enhanced 2TB SSD for $162.99, a savings of $11 over the previous price.

This drive offers 2TB of storage capacity, 3D TLC flash memory, and support for TRIM and S.M.A.R.T drive protection. However, it doesn't have a DRAM cache, so the drive isn't as fast as many other SATA drives (and especially NVMe SSDs). It's still significantly faster than any spinning hard disk, though, with sequential read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and seq. writes of up to 505 MB/s.

Mushkin Enhanced RAW 2TB | $162.99 (save $11)
SATA space

Mushkin Enhanced RAW 2TB | $162.99 (save $11)
This drive is perfect as a secondary SSD for games and other non-OS data. It's $11 below its previous price right now on Newegg.

The lower speeds make this SSD best suited as a secondary drive purely for storing games and other non-system files, while you keep your faster SATA or NVMe SSD as a Windows boot drive. 

You'll still get faster load times with games than you would with a spinning hard disk, with the added reliability that comes with all SSDs—no moving parts that could break.

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