This 27-inch 1440p FreeSync monitor is on sale for $200

This 27-inch 1440p FreeSync monitor is on sale for $200
Save $50 on this gaming monitor with an IPS display. (Image credit: Acer)

Newegg is selling Acer's V277U (bmiipx) monitor for $199.99 today, the lowest price it's been since Black Friday. You're saving $50 over its current MSRP, and you don't have to punch in a coupon code or wait for a mail-in-rebate to arrive—it's a straight up discount with no strings attached.

You're not relegated to TN territory with this deal, either. The V227U is built around an IPS screen, which typically translates into better image quality and wider viewing angles (TN screens have a smaller 'sweet spot' for optimal viewing, and typically aren't as vibrant). You also get FreeSync support.


Acer 27-Inch Monitor (V277U) | IPS | 1440p | 75Hz | FreeSync | $199.99 (save $50)
This is the lowest price we've seen this monitor since Black Friday. It offers up an IPS screen with a 75Hz refresh rate, a 1440p resolution, and FreeSync support at a reasonable price with this discount.

So, what's the catch? If you want to consider it one, it's the refresh rate. This is a 75Hz display, so if you're rocking a high end graphics card—like a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti—you're going to push more frames than this monitor can keep up with, in some games.

Of course, the flip side is that monitors with higher refresh rates cost more, all other things being equal. If that's the path you want to take, Acer's VG271U can hit 144Hz, and is available for $349.99. However, if you're looking to save some money, the V277U fits the bill.

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