Cognition episode three hits next week; play as an investigator AND a serial killer

Look, the next season of Dexter is just too far off. I want my annual dose of serial killer thoughts and blood spatterings now . Good thing May 16 will see in the third chapter of episodic adventure gaming series Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller. The titular heroine, an FBI agent, is homing in on the killer that's stalked her for two entire episodes. Just why does this guy want her dead, anyway? We'll find out next week, because we get to play both as Erica and the killer. Suspenseful!

The Cognition series crafted by Phoenix Online Studios, by the way. You might remember them from what is possibly the world's most lovingly built fan project, The Silver Lining —a continuation of one of PC gaming's greats, the King's Quest series. They've since branched off to work on their own IP, Cognition, and while the first two chapters had a rough-around-the-edges kind of indie charm, I'm psyched by how polished this new chapter is looking—the cel-shaded aesthetic is really, really nice.

Episode 3: The Oracle is the penultimate chapter in the series, with the conclusion estimated to arrive in late summer. If you've already played through the first two chapters, you'll find the third at the Phoenix store come May 16. And if you're new to this and curious, you can pick up a Season Pass for $30, which also comes with an e-comic.