Thimbleweed Park's 'Ransome Unbeeped' DLC sends in the F-bomb clown

Ransome the Clown is a foul-mouthed character in Thimbleweed Park, the retro-styled point-and-click adventure released last year by Terrible Toybox. Not in a way that will get you kicked out of nice restaurants, though: His way with words is softened in the game through the liberal use of the censor's bleeper every time he speaks. But if you'd prefer to play the game uncensored—Ransome Raw, you might say—then the new "Ransome Unbeeped" DLC could be just what you're looking for. 

The DLC is exactly what it appears to be, a fact that Ransome himself (it's probably the developers or a PR agency, but we'll play along with the theme) makes no effort to hide. "I’m not talking about new content, deleted scenes, or alternate endings—this isn’t a *beeping* director’s cut," he said. "What you will get is the same great game with none of the *beeping* beeps drowning out my lines." 

I'll be honest, the language under the beeps is not as colorful as I'd hoped. There are penty of f-bombs but no compound words, extended strings, or anatomical references anywhere. I like the f-word as much as anyone, but you have to mix it up or it gets boring quick. Hopefully they're saving the good stuff for the game. 

The Thimbleweed Park: Ransome Unbeeped DLC will cost you two bucks on Steam or GOG. Be aware that only the English audio track is affected—the subtitles will remain beeped. 

The trailer below, in case it needs to be said, is definitely NSFW, unless your workplace happens to be very swear-friendly. 

Andy Chalk

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