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Thief trailer explains the game in exhaustive detail

Thief is a game about a thief. Not just any thief either, but a master thief. That means he's silent, untraceable, and likely has permanent spinal damage from all that time spent crouching. All of which (well, except maybe the back injuries) are in direct opposition to the development of Thief, which has been loud enough to rouse the elderly statesmen whose jewellery box you've been rifling through.

Case in point: the new trailer, which takes six minutes to fully detail almost every aspect of how the game plays. Criminals would normally need a Crimewatch episode to get that sort of exposure.

You'll perhaps have noticed the switch towards horror near the end of that trailer. Looks like Thief 2014 will be making an attempt to steal The Cradle's creepy crown.

Thief has "gone gold", which is a standard industry term for "it's basically finished, although we'll probably still do a day one patch." It's due out on the 25th Feb for the US, and later on the 28th Feb for UK/Europe. For more, check out our recent hands-on previews of the game.

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