These Korean students made their own Overwatch VR rig

A group of Korean high school students have whipped up a multi-part rig that lets them play Overwatch in VR, without ever laying a finger on a conventional controller. You move around the battlefield by leaning in whatever direction you want to go, fire and reload with a toy gun, and even punch suckers in the face, by punching them in the face. 

The specifics of the build aren't entirely clear because, alas, I cannot read Korean. But according to Akshon Esports the components are a VR headset (Samsung Gear VR) and smartphone, an IMB sensor, an Arduino chip, a button, ball-bearing, a PC, a motion detection device, and a copy of Overwatch. Some assembly required, obviously.  The end result bears a visual resemblance to the Virtuix Omni, although it's not nearly as sophisticated. But by all appearances, it does work. 

There's some obvious input lag, and the guy demonstrating the setup looks about as excited by his intensely immersive experience as I am when I fire up Thunderbird. But it's a heck of a thing, especially for a homemade build, and much like we said about the Omni a few years ago, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that this is a really exciting way to play once I got used to it. A glimpse of the future, perhaps?

Andy Chalk

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