These intricate Sims 4 builds basically look like Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots

The Sims 4 modded build with custom content: a room inspired by Sera's room in Dragon Age: Inquisition.
(Image credit: Maxis, custom build by KawaiiFoxita)

There's yet to be a Dragon Age 4 release date in sight, and we're all coping in our own ways. I'm eyeing my copy of Tevinter Nights for a second read. Meanwhile, a more industrious Dragon Age fan, KawaiiFoxita, is recreating Dragon Age Inquisition locations inside The Sims 4, and these gorgeous builds are making me wistful for Thedas.

I've been reminded of KawaiiFoxita's Inquisition-inspired builds thanks to SimsCommunity, which highlighted this latest build inspired by the Skyhold tavern room where your rogue companion Sera hangs out. I admit I didn't exactly spend a lot of time with Sera, so I had to load up my old save to check out her bard pad for comparison and boy did Foxita nail the cozy, cluttered interior.

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Sera's room as it appears in Dragon Age: Inquisition, a daunting decorative challenge. (Image credit: Electronic Arts, Bioware)

As an avid but amateur Sims 4 builder myself, I can only imagine all the time Foxita spent carefully placing every book, basket, and decorative pillow. It takes a hell of a lot of effort to make a room look that perfectly cluttered.

As you'd guess, no, that Inquisition heraldry banner is not native to The Sims 4. There isn't a Dragon Age-inspired official game pack—though I'd certainly be thrilled to have one. Instead, many of the items tucked into this build are Sims 4 CC, content modded into the game by lots of other creators.

I remember first coming across Foxita's builds last year when they shared one inspired by the party's first home base Haven. I immediately sent it to a friend whose first reaction, like mine, was "that isn't a screenshot from Inquisition?" The Sims 4 may not be capable of supporting a complete one-to-one recreation, but Foxita's aesthetic is truly on point. Just look at all those snowy pine trees in the background.

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Haven as it looks in Dragon Age: Inquisition, mountains and all. (Image credit: Electronic Arts, BioWare)

Foxita has even more Inquisition-inspired builds: one based on the elven ruins, one inspired by Solas' room, and oh, a bit of Mass Effect too.

In all, Foxita's builds are just making me crave the excitement leading up to the next game in a series I've been with since the beginning. The wait for Dragon Age 4 has been long, and I'm no stranger to being the resident Dragon Age dork in the room, but it's a nice reminder that there are lots of other fans hanging out at the intersection between Dragon Age and Sims building—a larger venn diagram overlap than you'd imagine. 

I'm already excited to see what new locations Dragon Age 4 takes us to in Tevinter, and how talented Sims builders wind up imagining them.


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