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Gamecube keycaps
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Keycaps are one of the easiest, cheapest, and cutest ways to personalise your PC. The world of artisan keycaps goes deep, with designs to suit any gamer or typist. You can get keycaps in shapes like vicious dinos, cute rainbow rubber ducks, and even GPUs. While these are all great, if you're wanting a bit of console gaming nostalgia then we've found the perfect keycap for you.

These GameCube-styled caps are perfect for those longing to bring back the '90s. While not named after the Nintendo console no doubt for legal reasons, the MMI Keycaps Video Game Console is the spitting image of the portable Super Smash Bros. Melee machine we all remember. 

The models look to have a fair amount of detail despite their tiny size. You can see the top disc tray is molded into the plastic as well as the front panel complete with controller ports. There's even venting on the side. Plus they come in some of the most iconic GameCube colours like not-quite-purple blue, orange, and black. Seeing a stack of them together is almost like walking into Akihabara's famous retro gaming Super Potato shop.

The caps are listed as being handmade with resin and acrylic paint and should be compatible with most Cherry-like switches. As an added bonus they're on sale at the moment down from $55 down to $35 USD on Drop.

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You can find a bunch of other nice-looking keycaps on the store too, including these $20 kitty paw ones complete with toe beans. Though if you're looking for more retro Nintendo inspired caps, perhaps these ones modelled after Game Boys are more your speed. They're also included in the current sale with $5 off making them $40.

There are a few really wild keycaps up for sale on the website at the moment too. There's a clear resin cap with Marvel's version of Thor's hammer Mjolnir encased within. Or this refreshing succulent-looking cap. Of course they do tend to get a bit pricier with the added level of detail but I think getting to look at one of these on your keyboard every day makes it very worthwhile.

Of course, if you've blown all your cash on sweet keycaps you're never going to use, they even sell some keycap holders themed after Dwarf Factory. Of course, the other option is investing in a nice new gaming keyboard to go with your keycap obsession.

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