These fancy Rainbow Six Siege figures will look great in the spot where all my money used to be

I can't be the first to have noticed that official Rainbow Six Siege merch has gotten pretty good in recent years. I remember a time when the best Siege stuff you could find were some outdated shirts with simplistic operator logos, but nowadays Ubisoft's official store has as many overpriced Siege shirts, pants, and hats as you could possibly need, with more stuff releasing with each new operator.

That said, if you don't need anymore t-shirts in your life, maybe the coolest Siege collectibles on offer are these gorgeous operator figures for Ash ($250, 12 inches), Smoke ($250, 12 inches), and Hibana ($500, 21 inches) by PureArts, an outfit that's made several other figures for Ubisoft series.

The figures can be bent into a few different poses and come with interchangeable accessories like operator-specific guns and their unique gadgets. Hibana's Elite skin figure goes the extra mile with a detailed stand environment, a real LED lamp, and the longbow she holds in her MVP animation. Considering the price tags of all three, I can see why they're so detailed.

It's nice to see Ash and Smoke's outfits are made out of real fabric. The non-clothing bits of those two are made of PVC plastic. Hibana, on the other hand, is a full polyresin figure, meaning her details can shine through a bit better and she's more durable. She's also, and I can't stress this enough, Very Tall.


(Image credit: PureArts)

Yea, that little thing in the bottom left is a can of soda! As I look around my apartment I can't even envision a spot where she could stand without 1) smacking against the ceiling and 2) looking ridiculous. Maybe 21 inches (or 27 with her bow drawn) is just too tall for a collectible. Or maybe I just need bigger shelves.

All three figures have been available to pre-order since last year, though none have shipped yet. Ash and Smoke are estimated to ship sometime in Q2 2021 (April, May, June) while Hibana is coming a bit later in Q3 (July, August, September). 

Morgan Park
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