There's one more day of the Steam Summer Sale—here are our favorite deals

The end of the Summer Sale is nigh! You've got one day left before beginning the long wait for Autumn, so it's worth taking a final through Ye Olde Steam Shop to make sure you haven't missed any deals you'll be kicking yourself about later. 

We're here to help! Below we've put together a list of sweet discounts on some great games you may have overlooked. If you haven't entirely emptied your wallet over the past couple weeks, here's what we recommend.

Ratz Instagib - $0.89 (90% off)

The only problem with Ratz is how few people play it, but given the price, getting a bunch of friends in should be easy. Try it! It's Unreal Tournament instagib pared down to just three things: jumping, shooting, and going fast. —Tyler Wilde

The Yawhg - $3 (60% off)

A great little local multiplayer narrative game. You and a couple friends take turns choosing branching paths over the course of several weeks worth of drinking, meditating, studying, brawling, and more. At the end, the Yawhg comes. See if you survive. —Tyler Wilde

Tabletop Simulator - $10 (50% off)

Things change and people move away, but that doesn't mean you have to stop playing tabletop games together. It's a little wonkier when it's virtual, but at least you're in no danger of spilling your drink on the board. And while you're probably better off using D&D-specific tools like Roll20 if that's what you're in to, nothing else lets you flip the table in such a satisfying way. —Tyler Wilde

Lovely Planet - $3 (50% off)

I didn't fall in love with the sequels, but the original Lovely Planet is a fantastic singleplayer FPS. You've gotta jump through its levels while shooting every target (some of which cause an instant fail if you let them fall to the ground) as fast as you can. It's brutally hard in places, but just talking about it makes me want to play it again. Well worth three bucks. —Tyler Wilde

Dungeon of the Endless - $3 (75% off)

I adore this bizarre hybrid of tower defense and roguelike, which you can play solo or co-op with up to three friends. It alternates between careful planning and frantic management of heroes and towers as you delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon, fending off monsters as you go. —Wes Fenlon

Machinarium - $3 (70% off)

A delightful point-and-click adventure with beautiful hand-drawn art, from the creators of Samorost. Solve the puzzles just to see new screens of that artwork and hear more of the great soundtrack. Wes Fenlon 

Elex -  $25 (50% off)

Elex is the latest Piranha Bytes RPG (Gothic, Risen), and it's great fun if you're a patient fan of old school action RPGs. As with most Piranha Bytes games, the opening hours are a practice in trying to figure out the game's poorly explained systems and undeniably-crap user-interface, but stick with it and you'll find some of the most rewarding exploration in a modern open world RPG.—Shaun Prescott

Downwell - $1.50 (50% off)

An awesome, minimalist roguelike where your feet are guns and you you shoot to control your descent down a well. As advertised. Wes Fenlon 

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair - $20 (60% off)

An absurd Japanese action game, where hundreds of gigantic bugs swarm cities and it's up to you to blow them up. Things just escalate from there, until you're taking down city-size UFOs. Wes Fenlon 

Valdis Story: Abyssal City - $5 (65% off)

A fantastic Metroidvania-style 2D action game with a soundtrack so good I still listen to it regularly even after three years. —Austin Wood

Dungeons of Dredmor Complete - $3.50 (50% off) 

A fun and remarkably faithful turn-based roguelike which actually plays a lot like the original Rogue. The Complete edition comes with a bunch of bonus content that really fleshes out the end-game. I still haven't beaten this game, and even if I do, I won't stop playing it. —Austin Wood

Giana Sisters: Twisted Bundle - $4.50 (75% off)

One of the best 2D platformers on PC, and one of the only ones with a good rock soundtrack. Incidentally, this was my pick for our recent underrated games round table. —Austin Wood

Assassin's Creed Origins - $30 (50% off)

Half-off all editions of a AAA game that hasn't even been out for a year yet, and it's also one of the most expansive and beautiful open world games out there. While you wait for Assassin's Creed Odyssey to arrive, why not spend a few dozen hours stabbing and sneaking your way through ancient Egypt?—Chris Livingston

Samorost 3 Cosmic Edition - $6.87 (75% off)

Samorost 3 is worth it for the soundtrack alone, and since it's only 88 extra cents to grab the game, the soundtrack, and an art book, now's an excellent time to catch up on your Amanita. Like the first two games, Samorost 3 is another gorgeous, tactile tour of weird, distant planets filled with creatures and landscapes designed with natural objects. It opts to be pleasing over puzzling, making it the perfect way to spend a calm, quiet weekend morning. —James Davenport

Fallout: New Vegas - $3.29 (67% off)

Find out why everyone wishes Obsidian would develop another Fallout game. If you've ever played a Fallout game or even an RPG, you probably already own New Vegas, but if not this is a great time to grab it and fall in. And considering all the free mods that exist for it, you can add another hundred or so hours to your playtime, too.—Chris Livingston

Darkest Dungeon - $7.49 (70% off)  

A brilliantly stressful reinvention of party-based dungeon-crawling. It's harsh, cruel, and incredibly punishing, but you'll have a great time even in your darkest moments. —Chris Livingston

The Swapper - $2.84 (81% off)

An inventive side-scrolling puzzle game about creating clones of yourself and using them to solve puzzles. But beyond the brilliance of the puzzles, there's a thoughtful story to uncover while you play, one that will keep you thinking about it long after you've walked away.—Chris Livingston

Devil Daggers - $3 (40% off)

A pure shooter, maybe the purest ever. Devil Daggers is like Quake had a baby with Quake. You won't last long, ever, down in Skull Hell, but the (short) time you spend will be intense and addictive. It's already a steal at full price, which is only $5, so grab it now if you haven't yet. —Chris Livingston

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