There's a shiny new trailer for Destiny 2 event Solstice of Heroes

Three Destiny guardians in glowing armour
(Image credit: Bungie)

A new trailer just dropped for Destiny 2's upcoming "Solstice of Heroes" event running from July 6 to August 3.

Here's what Bungie say about the event in the video's description:

"The Last City of humanity is built, not from iron and stone, but of heroism and bravery. Join your fellow Guardians and remember those who stood in defense of our home. Eva Levante awaits you in the Tower with words of gratitude and the promise of celebration."

The loot for the event looks particularly cool—class-specific solstice armour, covered in glowing patterns. Players will also be able to collect universal ornaments to match their subclass that also glow, along with "new ships, Sparrows, and eye-catching cosmetics."

Perhaps the shiny glow of hero-ness, both inside and out, will discourage players from cheating. It's a problem Bungie have been looking to address by hiring a data scientist to work on anti-cheat systems, as well as publicly putting their foot down about prominent cheaters.