Bungie is hiring someone to help tackle Destiny 2's cheater problem

Destiny 2
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Bungie is looking to hire a Data Scientist to help develop anti-cheat systems for Destiny 2. The job listing was spotted by DestinyNews+ on Twitter, who shared the link alongside a screenshot of the job description.

"As a Data Engineer (Anti-Cheat) at Bungie, you will design and develop data systems that will help the security team detect and take action against cheaters," the description reads. "You will partner with our data and analytics teams to develop pipelines and processes for gathering gameplay and anti-cheat data. 

"You will then develop tools and models to transform that raw data into actionable insights. You will work daily with experts in code security, tools, analysis and services, to make Destiny a more secure place for gamers."

It's all very corporate mumbo-jumbo, but the gist of the job is developing systems to collect data, analysing that data and then developing solutions to any problems diagnosed. It's not the first time in recent memory that Bungie has been looking for a data scientist, and hopefully, a larger team working on anti-cheat solutions will mean better ways of detecting and dealing with any problem players.

Destiny 2 has been dealing with a bit of a cheating problem as of late, made worse when the game jumped from Battle.net to Steam. The first few months of 2020 saw a 50% uptick in cheating incidents, and the Trials of Osiris PvP mode remains notorious among the community as being a hotbed for cheaters.

Bungie has taken steps to address the problem, both legally and behind the scenes. Just this week, the studio hunkered down on its decision to ban a Destiny 2 YouTuber. BakenGangsta protested a little too much about the banhammer, leading to a wonderfully calm clapback from the game's community management.

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