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There's a bug in FIFA 21 making players bounce into the air

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There's a bug in FIFA 21 making players jump, but not in a normal athletic leap-in-the-air kind of way. Instead it sends them straight up like a character in a platformer, sometimes flying high into the air. As a commenter on Reddit put it, "I’m playing FIFA and this guy is playing Space Jam."

In his review, Dave Meikleham called FIFA's physics "really stupid", saying that, "PES has long held an advantage when it comes to believable ball movement, and the gap between the two soccer rivals hasn't closed in 2020. Whereas the football in Konami's series behaves like its own entertaining entity, the ball in FIFA 21 is just… well, flat. Predictable and prone to travelling in identical fashion no matter how hard you hit it, it frequently looks fake in motion."

While the hopping players certainly do look fake in motion, at least they aren't predictable.

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What am I witnessing right now from r/FIFA

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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