Theme park sim Parkitect is leaving Early Access

I can’t look at Parkitect without immediately being flung back to the heady days of RollerCoaster Tycoon, where I’d build deadly rides that could make even the strongest of stomachs churn. It’s primed to leave early access and, as the release trailer above reveals, 1.0 will launch on November 29, along with a 26-scenario campaign. 

The campaign mode will see park owners bouncing from park to park on a world map with branching paths, but I’ll probably do the same thing I always do: finish a few missions, realise that I hate being told what to do, quit and start my own sandbox park. My creativity can’t be contained. 

Parkitect launched on Early Access over two years ago and has been in development for around four years, so after launch, the devs at Texel Raptor will be taking some time off for the holidays, aside from fixing bugs. There are plans, however, for new features “for both creative players and management players” that’ll appear in free updates.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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