The Witcher's Netflix showrunner lists characters that will be in the show

The Witcher series of books are getting a Netflix adaptation, and back in December we learned that producer and writer Lauren Hissrich will be Geralt's showrunner. Hissrich has previously executive produced Daredevil and The Defenders for Netflix, written episodes for both shows (and for The West Wing, in the early 2000s). Thanks to her Twitter feed, we can put together a few new tidbits about the show, how it's shaping up, and which familiar characters we can expect to see. And yes, we'll get the most important out of the way first: Roach is in.

Hissrich wrote brief descriptions of The Witcher's major characters. Geralt is "stoic" but also "soft-and-squishy-in-a-tiny-place-in-his-heart-that-he'll-never-reveal-until-maybe-the-end-and-even-then-it-will-just-be-a-hint." Yennefer is fiery and proud; Triss Merigold is spunky and idealistic; Ciri resilient and relentless. We can also expect to see Jaskier (who we know as Dandelion in the English adaptations), Geralt's vampire buddy Regis, Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, and some characters who aren't in the games.

Those include Cahir, Vilgefortz, Milva, and witcher-killing bounty hunter Leo Bonhart. That's a pretty full cast.

Hissrich pitched the main storylines of the first season to Netflix on December 13th, and posted an example of just how many revisions it took to get from outline to completed pilot. "On Feb 23rd, I finished the first draft of the pilot," Hissrich tweeted. "It's 78 pages, which is a little too long, but I'm not ready to cut anything else yet!" This is what that writing process looked like:

The Witcher series is obviously still some time away from filming, but it's moving forward. Now we wonder: who's going to play Geralt?