The Witcher 3 places of power: where to find all the stones

The Witcher 3 - Geralt kneels in front of a large stone glowing with the power of Axii
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As in past games, The Witcher 3 places of power are special spots Geralt can activate to get a boost for each of his five magic signs. You'll get a skill point for visiting each place of power the first time and then just the sign buff each time thereafter. They aren't terribly tough to find, since you can see them on the world map and Geralt's medallion will vibrate when you're nearby.

What the map doesn't tell you is which of the places of power on the map correlate to each of your five witcher signs. We have all six places of power in White Orchard, The Witcher 3's first main map, laid out for you by sign here. Don't just go running off to the first site you see if there's a specific sign you want to boost before a fight.

Be aware there's also an achievement for activating five places of power at once. That's another deed to Geralt's name that's easy for you to pick up while you're here. Read on below for a route to get it done quickest.

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White Orchard places of power

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  • Aard - In the woods directly north of the Igni stone in the cemetery, surrounded by a circle of other large rocks.
  • Axii - Directly west across the bridge from the Mill fast travel, northeast of the Sawmill, in a wooded area.
  • Igni - White Orchard cemetery yard, north of the Mill fast travel post.
  • Quen - South of the broken bridge fast travel post, on top of the hill overlooking the ravine.
  • Quen - Just east of the Cackler Bridge fast travel post, tucked between two hills.
  • Yrden - East of the Abandoned Village, just south of the road into the trees.

How to get the Power Overwhelming achievement

For the achievement hunters in the room, the Power Overwhelming is one you'll get for having all five sign buffs active at the same time. This isn't too difficult since each bonus stays active for about 20 minutes, but due to the size of the map, White Orchard is the easiest place to unlock the Power Overwhelming achievement.

I'd recommend starting at the northernmost sign, the Aard stone north of the Mill fast travel point.

From there you can hike back downhill to the cemetery yard to grab Igni, head west across the bridge for Axii, turn nearly due south to Quen, and east along the road to finish with Yrden.

You can take Roach on a scenic tour to hit all those spots or just use the fast travel posts if this is but a pit stop on your grand achievements journey.

Velen and Novigrad places of power

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  • Aard - South of Frischlow, in the marshes.
  • Axii - Just southeast of Alness, on a rock outcropping overlooking the village.
  • Igni - Just west of the Ancient Oak travel sign.
  • Igni - Northeast of the Electors' Square fast travel in Novigrad, through the temple on a cliff outside.
  • Quen - Near the summit of Bald Mountain, through the caves and across a bridge beneath the large tree.
  • Quen - Lornruk fast travel point, along the water beneath the bridge.
  • Yrden - Inside a cave northeast of the Byways, the entrance is directly south of the sign marker, on the coast.
  • Yrden - Northwest of the Downwarren fast travel, on top of a small mountain.

Skellige places of power

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  • Aard - Eastern coast of Ard Skellig, north on the road from Redgill travel point, on the upper floor of a ruined fort guarded by a Cyclops.
  • Axii - From the Crossroad waypoint take the southern road down to the coast, into the water.
  • Axii - Norwest of Kaer Muir, along the small mountain path towards Fornhala.
  • Igni - Inside the Ancient Crypt, in a cavernous open chamber.
  • Igni - On Spikeroog, northwest of Svorlag past the Udalryk house. You can cheesy your way around the abandoned home by jumping and climbing up the rock face to the left of the entrance.
  • Quen - In Kaer Trolde's cellar, only available during the King's Gambit quest.
  • Quen - At the summit of Yngvar's Fang above Urialla Harbor.
  • Yrden - Just east of the Druid's Camp travel point.
  • Yrden - West of Harviken at a small shrine on a path that branches north.
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