The Witcher 3: How to get all Feline armor and weapons

The Witcher 3 feline armor
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The Witcher 3 Feline gear is a great early game set to invest in, especially if you want to roleplay a sneaky Witcher who sneaks up behind monsters and bandits to stab them in the back. If you manage to get all six primary pieces upgraded to Grandmaster level, and you equip them, you can hit enemies from behind for 50% extra damage while also stunning them.

Both of the Feline swords specialise in applying bleed, with the silver variant boosting your Aard sign, which is always handy for pushing groups of enemies away, or staggering individual monsters for a chance to attack. Even if you eventually switch over to one of the higher level witcher sets like Ursine, the Feline is a good early game investment in some decent armor. Here I'll explain where to find the basic Cat School gear diagrams, what you need to craft them, and where to locate the upgrades that'll let you get it to Grandmaster level.

School of the Cat Witcher gear 

The Feline Witcher Gear can be found in the Velen region and around Novigrad. You'll also have to be level 17 in order to craft it. Here's where to find the basic diagrams.

Feline armor

The trickiest bit of the Cat School Gear to get are the diagrams for its armor pieces. First off, head to the Elector's Square waypoint on Temple Isle in the north of Novigrad. Head down the stairs to your left, turn right down the second flight, and then left down a further set of stairs. Now turn right and follow the descending path, before taking another set of descending stairs where it doubles back on itself.

You should find yourself at a point where two descending paths meet with a view of the sea and a lighthouse. Run around the corner of the building to your right and go straight on until you find a little drop. Take this path and you'll come to some illusory rocks that you can dispel using Kiera Metz's amulet from her Wandering in the Dark quest. 

Inside the revealed cavern there will be a Golem you need to defeat. Now head left through the archway, and climb up until you get to a chamber with some statues surrounding a platform. Use the levers next to each statue to turn them towards the centre, opening the platform to reveal a pool with three drowners. Swim down to the bottom of the pool to find a skeleton with the Laboratory Key. 

Return to the Golem chamber and use the key to unlock the door at its north end. Inside you'll find Mad Kiyan sitting in a pentagram below a cat statue. He's a fairly tough fight, but once you beat him, you can loot the Feline armor, gauntlets, boots, and trousers diagrams from his corpse.

Feline silver sword

This diagram is located at Est Tayiar in Velen, to the north-east of Oxenfurt. Head into the centre of the ruins and drop down inside to find a wall on your right. Use your Aard sign to destroy it and you'll discover a body inside with the Feline silver sword diagram. 

Feline steel sword

You can find the Feline steel sword diagram at Drahim Castle, directly south of Novigrad's Glory Gate. Head inside, descend the ladder on your left, and the one below it, and you'll find the diagram in a chest in the basement. 

Feline crossbow

The diagram for the Feline crossbow is in a shipwreck on an island to the south-west of the Lighthouse waypoint near Novigrad. Head to the lighthouse, swim across the gap, and climb up onto the ship on its island-facing side. Walk down the stairs through the open hatch and you'll find the diagram in a chest to your right. 

How to craft the Feline Witcher Gear 

To craft all of the basic Cat School gear you're going to need to visit a blacksmith and gather some materials, and be at least level 17. Here's the materials you'll need to craft each of the items: 

  • Leather: Four Leather Scraps, five Leather Straps, four Hardened Leather, three Cured Leather 
  • Metal: Four Iron Ingots, two Silver Ingots, two Dark Steel plates, two Dark Iron Ore 
  • Monster: Three Monster Eyes, one Monster Saliva, one Powdered Monster Tissue, two Monster Tooth, one Monster brain 
  • Other materials: Two silk, two Ruby Dust, five Hardened Timber, two Nails, one Shirt 

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Most of these are pretty straightforward to get, and can either be purchased from blacksmiths, or you can craft them yourself. Most materials in the Witcher 3 belong to some kind of crafting chain such as Leather Straps/Leather Scraps/Cured Leather/Hardened Leather. The same goes for metal materials with ore being used to craft ingots, and ingots used to craft plates. 

Monster materials come from slaying monsters of different types, or by dismantling named monster materials into them. A Fiend's Eye can be dismantled into Monster Eye and Monster Hair, for example. Ruby Dust is a slightly trickier one since it's expensive to buy. The best way to get it is by dismantling certain swords, pieces of jewelry, or actual rubies. You can also get gemstone dust from defeating wraiths.

As you upgrade your Feline Armor, you'll likely find the metal materials are most challenging to acquire because they're expensive and you need lots of them. You can buy what you need from blacksmiths, but it's often better to dismantle weapons you don't need or want, or look for ore when you're raiding lairs and bandit camps. Dismantling is the key to crafting on the cheap in The Witcher 3; why buy new materials when you can melt down bandit weapons?  Once you've crafted your Feline gear, you can upgrade it by finding further diagrams. 

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