The Witcher 3 boxed copy's physical bonuses revealed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3's extras were originally due to be revealed as part of a CD Projekt RED livestream starting later today. Unfortunately for all secrets everywhere, the internet is terrible at not leaking information. So now, if you're planning to go old-school with a physical boxed copy of the game, you can take a look at what you'll also be getting.

The information comes from the latest issue of MCV , and was grabbed by the folks at Videogamer .

The standard edition of the game will include:

  • Game Map

  • Stickers

  • Soundtrack

  • Witcher Universe - The Compendium

  • Game Manual

Is "game manual" a feature nowadays, or are we including every single thing contained inside the box? And if so, does that mean there isn't a game disc?

Many people will instead purchase the game digitally and, going on past experience, CD Projekt retailer GOG will sweeten the pot with digital versions of the above extras. Except for maybe the stickers, which just don't work as well in virtual form.

Phil Savage

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