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The Westport Independent cleared to release January 21

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'Censorship simulator' The Westport Independent (opens in new tab) has been cleared for publication and will arrive on Steam on January 21. As the editor of the Independent and a fan of your personal freedom, you'll be tasked with making as few people angry as possible, trying to keep the Loyalist government pleased with your reporting without libelling (or indeed being wholly accurate) about the growing rebel force in the country.

Colleagues, as everyone knows, exist only to make your life more difficult, so you'll also need to sweet talk your writers (opens in new tab) into understanding why their 3,000-word exposé on unchecked embezzlement is now a Most Handsome Government Officials list feature. It's like Papers, Please (opens in new tab) with more people to wrong.

Do be sure to print the right truth, won't you?