The War Z's servers brought down by hackers

The War Z are they dead yet

The continuing saga of The War Z's misfortune - er - continues, although this time the game's not making headlines for the actions of its creators. Over the past few days The War Z's servers have been subjected to a variety of attacks, as hackers target the game for whatever reason it is that hackers attack anything. They're bored, I guess.

Hammerpoint Interactive's community manager Kewk posted on the game's forum : "Over the last few days we have been under attack by various forums of malicious attempts to shut down our servers. First we were hit with an attack that would rest our DNS IP so that you could not connect. This was solved a couple days ago early in the morning but took time to actually resolve world wide once the fix went in."

"This morning we are being hit, again, with a DDOS attack on our login server. We are implementing additional DDoS protection and hope to have this resolved asap. Unfortunately with these types of attacks it is very difficult to give a good time frame of when it will be resolved."

There's a whole list of updates to the original post, as the team attempt to get the servers back up to 100%. While it seems that the game is now fine for people who directly downloaded it, Steam users are still encountering problems. The War Z is no longer available from Steam, but anyone who previously downloaded it from there can still access the game through the client.

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