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The voices of Liquid and Solid Snake reunite to perform The Night Before Metal Gear

Hideo Kojima may have replaced David Hayter in Metal Gear Solid 5, but he'll never replace him in our hearts. We haven't heard much of Snake's true voice in the past few years, and if I had to guess how I'd next hear it, "reading a Metal Gear-inspired version of The Night Before Christmas" would not have been my first guess. But here we are.

Liquid Snake actor Cam Clarke brought Hayter along to perform "The Night Before Metal Gear" in his signature gravelly voice, and they both ham it up appropriately. There are some great lines in there, too:

Visions of FOXDIE danced in their heads.

When what do my wondering eyes did appear, but a great big Hind D. What's a gunship doing here!?

Otacon spoke not a word, but went straight to his work. He unleashed the Mk. II, turned it loose on those jerks.

It's just an all-around delightful six minutes. According to Clarke's Facebook post, Hayter wrote the whole parody in about 20 minutes. Is there anything Solid Snake can't do?

Wes Fenlon
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