The Surge release date confirmed in latest mech-mauling trailer

Portraying its own so-called grim vision of the future, Focus Home and Deck 13's The Surge has showcased its "Souls meets System Shock" combat on a few occasions since its mid-2015 reveal. Its latest trailer takes a more cinematic route and celebrates its now confirmed launch date: May 16. 

Similar to the CGI trailer which landed in January, The Surge's latest 'Stronger, Faster, Tougher' short serves to tease a little more of its sci-fi dystopia premise while offering its fair share of mechs knocking lumps out of one another. Observe:  

I'd also recommend checking out this 15-minute in-game footage video to get a better sense of what The Surge is all about. If you prefer the written word, though, here's an extract of Dan Griliopoulos' thoughts on an early build: 

"The Surge is set in an Elysium-style future extrapolated from the technological and ecological trends of today, taken to a logically-nasty extreme. Your character is a lucky grunt who’s managed to secure a highly in-demand job at Creo, a company ostensibly trying to solve the world’s environmental problems. And this—in a factory riddled with psychotic robots and once-humans in exoskeletons just like his—is his first day on the job. I hope they have good overtime and hazard rates.

"Given that it’s a sci-fi game from the developers of Lords of the Fallen, it’s not surprising that the ethos is entirely Dark Souls meets System Shock. If that description zaps your heart like a bellyful of electric eels, then it’s okay, you’re still human—unlike many of the poor souls wandering the factory floor."

The Surge is due May 16.