The "Summer With Dying Light" campaign gets weird on the weekends


If butchering zombies in creatively horrific fashions no longer gives you the same thrill it used to, Techland's upcoming "Summer With Dying Light" campaign might be just the thing to get your juices flowing again. The campaign will offer six unique, one-time-only events running over weekends in July and August, beginning on July 4 with the "Spider-Crane."

The Spider-Crane event, beginning at midnight PST and running until the same time on July 5, gives players unlimited grappling hook shots and drastically reduces fall damage, enabling some very unusual travel options through, and over, the streets of Harran. The next weekend will see the running of the Harran Marathon, details of which haven't been revealed. The remaining events haven't been announced at all, but will take place over the weekends of July 15-16, August 15-16, August 22-23, and August 29-30.

There's not much more to say about Summer With Dying Light—future events will be revealed through "official channels"—so instead, enjoy thjs Dying Light "Bug Compilation" video, posted a few days ago by tester Radek Maciag, who has sunk more than 5000 hours into the game over the past 2.5 years. As the YouTube description puts it, "Yeah, he's seen some things."

Andy Chalk

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