The streamer who beat Elden Ring with one hand is now doing it on a dance pad

It's pretty much tradition at this point that every new FromSoft game has to be beaten by ever more absurd means. Bongos, bananas, a guitar: any device capable of being hooked up to a PC and sending inputs will eventually be put to use fighting the Nameless King. This is an iron law of the universe.

Elden Ring is no exception: recently we heard of a streamer—MissMikkaa—completing a level one All Remembrance run using just one hand. Well, Eurogamer alerts us that she's now graduated to playing the entire game on a dance pad, thereby proving that most of the limbs we have dangling off our bodies are surplus to requirements.

It's not a perfect setup. Inexplicably, FromSoft didn't design Elden Ring to be played this way, so MissMikka occasionally has to intervene with her hands to recentre the camera, but all in all it seems to be going quite smoothly. It might actually be easier to play the game this way than with just the one hand, since at least you can multitask when you have two legs to work with.

MissMikkaa has already beaten a rogue's gallery of the game's bosses and made her way deep into the world map, so it seems unlikely that anything will end the run until the Elden Beast meets ignominious defeat in a series of foot-taps. If you want to be present when that happens, you can find MissMikkaa's run over on her Twitch page.

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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