The SteelSeries pro gaming onesie is an actual thing

SteelSeries Pro Gaming Suit

*deep breath*

Okay. Right. Here goes. SteelSeries has announced a—oh I dunno, let's say 'startling'—move into the world of fashion in the loose-fitting form of the Pro Gaming Suit, a cotton/polyester jumpsuit that takes the stress out of deciding what to wear when you have to wear something.

This stylish, monochromatic onesie is comfortable enough to wear for consecutive hours, or even days, of hardcore gaming, and is also suitable for just hanging out with chums or, according to the accompanying literature, at "many other social events." Presumably if public shame is your kink. "The SteelSeries Pro Gaming Suit is 100 percent awesome," SteelSeries continues, seemingly with tongue at least partly in cheek. "Worry no more about matching t-shirts and jeans, jumpers and sweatpants or vests and shorts! Let the Pro Gaming Suit take the hassle out of your daily grind."

The Pro Gaming Suit is available in sizes S to XXL, with specific dimensions, including both length and width (with a handy diagram to help you distinguish the two) on the PGS website. It's currently listed as "coming soon" and pricing hasn't been announced, but dedicated 'sockers can sign up to be notified when it becomes available. (And you better believe I already have.)

*Obligatory cautionary note: April 1 is in two days. Is there a connection? I honestly can't tell; I'll let you judge the significance of that indecision for yourself.

Andy Chalk

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