The Steam VR Spring Sale is on now

If you blew all your money on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and then realized you had none left over for games, this is your chance to stock up. The Steam VR Spring Sale (hey, that's a new one) is running through Monday at 10 am Pacific, and offers some hefty discounts on some of the most popular VR games.

Among the games on sale are Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Raw Data, Doom VFR, Fallout 4 VR, Audioshield, Superhot, and Space Pirate Trainer, with discounts of up to 60 percent off. 

To find every discount, you can browse all the games on Steam with VR support here. If you want to really stock up, there are a lot of games under a dollar, though who knows what you might get in a grab bag of 99 cent games. I for one will be trying out V ARRR.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

Tyler grew up in Silicon Valley during the '80s and '90s, playing games like Zork and Arkanoid on early PCs. He was later captivated by Myst, SimCity, Civilization, Command & Conquer, all the shooters they call "boomer shooters" now, and PS1 classic Bushido Blade (that's right: he had Bleem!). Tyler joined PC Gamer in 2011, and today he's focused on the site's news coverage. His hobbies include amateur boxing and adding to his 1,200-plus hours in Rocket League.