The Steam Autumn sale is live now

The second-to-last Steam sale of the year is now live. The Autumn Sale is on, and runs until November 29 at 10 am PT.

The Steam homepage is now decked out in some colorful autumnal art (it's giving me a bit of a Little Nemo vibe), and it's running concurrently with the annual Steam Awards, which ask you to vote for a number of award categories. More on those below. First, to the deals.

Here are a few major sales from the Steam homepage: 

If you want to vote in the Steam Awards, here are the categories this year: 

  • Game of the year
  • VR game of the year
  • Labor of love
  • Better with friends
  • Outstanding visual style
  • Most innovative gameplay
  • Best game you suck at
  • Best soundtrack
  • Outstanding story-rich game
  • Sit back and relax
  • Best game on the go

There's a Steam badge for voting in the GOTY awards, which "levels up" the more tasks you do. The tasks are pretty simple: nominate at least one game, nominate a game in every category, play a game you've nominated, and review a game you've nominated. You can edit your nominations, too, if you change your mind while the vote is ongoing—perhaps after playing something you picked up in the Autumn sale.

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