The Sinking City cinematic teases a 1920s world of shadows and insanity

The Sinking City is one of those games that sounds brilliant on paper: An open-world investigative action-adventure set in a gritty 1920s inundated with water and Lovecraft-styled horrors. Austin took it for a spin earlier this year and it came off as very promising, but it's also very ambitious, and that makes me a little nervous. Developer Frogwares has done some pretty good stuff in the past (Magrunner: Dark Pulse is quite good, and also Cthulhu-ized) but this feels like a big step beyond its usual stuff. 

The new teaser doesn't serve up any gameplay, but even so I feel a little more confident about what's in store after watching it. It really frames the emotional essence that a game like this needs: Primeval horror, driven desperation, and flat-out dream world weirdness. The audio work is really good too. If nothing else, it certainly suggests that the mood will be right.

We'll get a closer look at The Sinking City at the PC Gaming Show at E3, which kicks off at 3 pm PT/6 pm ET on June 11, one day before the official start of E3.

Andy Chalk

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