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The Sims 4's group dynamics revealed, via Max and O.B. off of Hollyoaks

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I...what. OK. Max and O.B. off of Hollyoaks - sorry, the dearly departed Max and O.B. off of Hollyoaks - turn up to present this latest Sims 4 (opens in new tab) trailer, which must surely be the greatest crossover since Batman met Peanut Butter all those many years ago. If you've never seen Hollyoaks, congratulations! Also, this video is mostly Sims 4 producer Graham Nardone talking about things. Things like: how your Sims will interact with each other, particularly when they're in a group.

The Sims 4 features something called Smart Sim, apparently, which among other things means that group conversations are now a viable thing. You know what this means, don't you? I can finally recreate my famous dinner parties Frasier Crane's famous dinner parties from Frasier. 4's building mechanics are also shown off a bit, and the good news is the process appears to be just as tactile as the impressively hands-on character creation. Which is nice.

Ta, VG247 (opens in new tab) .

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