The Sims 4: Werewolves will let you roleplay as a hipster lycanthrope

"Embrace your transformation June 16" reads the first line of EA's promo page for the next Sims 4 add-on, simply titled "Werewolves". Will this expansion leave you howling like a wolf?

Ok, it's easy to yuck it up over here because I'm not exactly feeling the call of the full moon, but this looks like a pretty substantial expansion to the Sims 4. Werewolves adds a new lycanthropy system with its own rules and quirks, and promises some substantial roleplaying options for your little wolf people. "Craft your werewolf identity. Were you bitten, or were you born into a werewolf family? However it happened, now you've got to decide what kind of wolf you want to be." I am a cool wolf who is good at fighting but doesn't make a huge deal out of it.

Werewolves is also bringing lore to the table: "There's a lot to learn about werewolves and their origins," The overview claims. "Unravel werewolf, vampire, and spellcaster lore as you read books, discover secret tunnels, grow your collection, and interact with the denizens of Moonwood Mill."

I'm a sucker for lore myself, and I find myself strangely charmed by the expansion's "Camp Crystal Lake but make it quirky" aesthetic. We will find out if Sim werewolves bark in Simlish come June 16.


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