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The Sims 4 has a new, smaller pack type for some reason

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The Sims 4 is already home to three different pack types: Expansion Packs, Game Packs, and Stuff Packs. Now a fourth pack type is on the way, called Kits.

Kits are a bit like a Stuff Pack sliced in half—they're small collections of Create-A-Sim, Build/Buy, or story-based objects centered around a particular theme. Maxis is releasing three Kits to start off: Throwback Fit, Country Kitchen, and Bust the Dust.

(Image credit: Maxis)

Throwback Fit is a collection of '90s inspired clothing items, Country Kitchen is, as the name implies, a vintage kitchen Build/Buy set, and Bust the Dust is a story kit that has you vacuuming up literal dust bunnies, and includes new aspirations and rewards.

Kits were already leaked on Twitter towards the end of last week, and it's safe to say the reception hasn't been all too warm. Comparisons have been drawn between the new pack type and The Sims 3 Exchange store, which has become a ridiculously expensive collection of items and worlds.

(Image credit: Maxis)

It's hard to feel like the introduction of Kits isn't a little cash grabby. The Sims 4 already introduced Game Packs as a bridge between Stuff Packs and Expansion Packs, and adding a fourth type seems unnecessary. It's especially frustrating when many packs are still broken—something which Maxis sort of addressed in a survey last year, asking the community which packs they felt needed more polish or additional development.

Kits cost $4.99, half the price of a Stuff Pack, and they're available to purchase on Origin now.

If you don't fancy dropping money to spice up your gameplay, have a gander at our list of Sims 4 mods instead.

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