The Sims 4 Get Together delayed until December

The Sims 4 Get Together

Get Together, the second proper expansion for The Sims 4 after Get to Work, was announced back in August. Its main feature is the introduction of Clubs that your Sims can join based on their interests and personalities, but it looks like now Get to Work is joining its own club: the rapidly growing club of delayed games.

The original release was supposed to come in November, but the latest news from EA pushes that back to December 8 (in North America anyway; the rest of us will get it some time later that same week). I guess at least that makes it a better fit for your Christmas list, which is definitely a better way of getting these expensive expansions than paying for them yourself.

The update explains the delay in the same way these things are normally explained: they needed more time to "add more polish and depth". They also say they're adding some new features, and since they haven't mentioned them before that might even be true. One is a board game called Don't Wake the Llama that made me think of that Don't Wake Dad game I used to see advertised on television every Christmas but looks from the screenshot to be a Jenga clone.

Not sure Llama-themed Jenga is worth a purchase? We'll get to find out more about the expansion at the beginning of next month.