The Secret World's new secret-agent themed update has flamethrowers and creepy bunkers

Alt-fantasy MMORPG The Secret World has been out for a year and subscription-free for about six months. We enjoyed the game despite some problems, and the current fans seem to really enjoy the themed episodic updates. Just launched this week is issue 7, a superspy-themed update featuring exploding bridges, snowmobile chases, and a new flamethrower weapon.

Called “ A Dream to Kill ,” players will set up the storyline that fleshes out the continued corruption of Tokyo via the Agartha portal. The update also has a preview video that shows off new monsters, locations, and the new flamethrower. Check it out below:

The Secret World carefully steps around the sacred name because of legal reasons, I'm sure, but I can come out and say it: this update tastes of all kinds of spicy James Bond flavors. You've got the snowy chase scene reminiscent of The World is Not Enough, the diving off a tall thing like in Goldeneye, the flamethrower like in... well, Bond has never actually used a straight-up flamethrower. Advantage: Secret World.

The Secret World saw a surge of activity earlier this year, and it looks like most of that bump is sticking around to enjoy the regular content updates.