The Room Two hitting PC this Tuesday

First-person puzzler The Room migrated from mobile to PC back in 2014, but it's been a long wait for its sequel to do the same. If you've been itching to prod more buttons and fiddle with more levers to solve devious puzzles, you'll be pleased to hear that The Room Two is heading to two days' time, on July 5. That's a Tuesday. Or a 'Roomsday' as it will soon be known.

The Room developer Fireproof Games announced the release date on Steam, while helpfully revealing how the PC version will differ over the mobile game. Nicer art assets and some "wholly new" environments, basically—lovely stuff. Here's the premise and trailer:

"The Room Two continues the time-spanning journey of its predecessor while significantly expanding its unique puzzle gameplay. Follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as 'AS' into a compelling world of challenging mystery and tactile exploration.

"Development on this fully-enhanced HD version of The Room Two began shortly after the mobile release of The Room Three late in 2015 and has involved creating wholly new environments for each level as well as rebuilding and re-texturing every asset in the game."

You can find The Room Two on Steam here.

Tom Sykes

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