The Resident Evil movie reboot will be called Welcome to Raccoon City

Johannes Roberts, the writer and director of the upcoming Resident Evil live-action movie reboot, gave some more detail on what to expect in a recent interview with IGN. He explained that it'll be called Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and will be set over the course of "one fateful night" in two locations: Spencer Mansion from the first game, and the police station from Resident Evil 2. 

He calls it an ensemble piece, and it features Claire Redfield (Kaya Scodelario), Chris Redfield (Robbie Amell), Jill Valentine (Hannah John-Kamen), and Leon S. Kennedy (Avan Jogia) from the games. While the events at the police station will be "like an Assault on Precinct 13 siege movie", things will be different at the Spencer Mansion, which will apparently be "creepy as fuck."

Roberts describes Resident Evil 2 Remake as a significant influence, saying that playing it blew him away. "From that moment on I think we all knew where we were going with this movie because it was such a wonderful cinematic experience, with the tone, constant dark rain, that sort of aspect of the game. I just took that—that's the world I want to work in. We very much took the tone of the remake of the second game and made that the template for this movie."

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City will be out in September. The next game in the series will be out on May 7. Here's everything we know about Resident Evil Village

Jody Macgregor
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