The Red Lantern is a roguelite about getting lost in Alaska with your five dogs

(Image credit: Timberline Studio)

I'm going to go ahead and warn you that some dogs get hurt in this trailer. 

The Red Lantern is coming later this year, the story of a lady, her five sled dogs, and the insurmountable Alaskan wilderness. The story-driven roguelite centers around a wilderness mishap, and subsequent survival, on the famous Iditarod sled race. It'll star the voice of Ashly Burch. You might remember Burch from, most recently, a critically acclaimed performance as Parvati Holcomb in The Outer Worlds, or work as Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. The game also stars five dogs and they look like very good dogs.

The trailer outlines the basics of the story: Our hero makes their way north to Alaska to compete in the Iditarod, hoping to find themself and reinvent their life in the process. Instead, they're lost in the wilderness after an accident involving a bear. The game's description says there'll be "hundreds" of unique encounters as you and your five dogs—did I mention you get five dogs?—try to find your way home. Choices in the game revolve around decisions like your general approach to hunting and survival—head on, or sneaky? 

The developers, Timberline Studio, are a new outfit formed in 2018 out of ex-film, theater, and games industry workers. Many of their developers previously worked on the 2015 episodic King's Quest series. You can find more about the game on the Timberline Studio website, and get updates from the developer on Twitter. The Red Lantern will release some time this fall on the Epic Store. 

Who's a good dog?

Who's a good dog? (Image credit: Timberline Studio)

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