The Overwatch League All-Access pass adds an exclusive new Lucio emote

The Overwatch League All-Access Pass on Twitch will grow a little bit bigger on July 24, with the addition of an exclusive new emote for Lucio. 

The All-Access Pass grants 15 exclusive Overwatch League skins, hero and team-based emotes, a custom player icon, spray, and global chat badge, and access to a multi-view "Command Center" stream that features "player facecams, new stats, alternate in-game views, and more." It's aimed at Overwatch "superfans," as we said in May, although we also expressed some doubt that it was worth the $30 price tag.  

Twitch Prime members can pick it up today for half-price, though, so if you fall into that particular niche, this might be the time to make your move. Details are up at

Andy Chalk

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