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The Overwatch Anniversary Event is ending with a double-XP weekend

The Overwatch Anniversary Event will wrap up this weekend with a bang, as Blizzard has announced that players who jump into the action between June 8 and June 12 will earn double experience for just about everything they do. That includes: 

  • Time spent in a match
  • Completing a match
  • Completing consecutive matches
  • Winning a match
  • Backfilling a match in progress
  • Earning medals

Even better, the double XP bonus will "stack multiplicatively with existing group and IGR bonuses," which opens the door to some pretty serious piling-on. The only thing you won't earn double XP for is the your First Win of the Day bonus, which will remain at 1500 XP.  

The Overwatch Anniversary Event Double XP Weekend begins worldwide at 5 pm PT on June 8, and runs until midnight on June 12. Full details, including a map breaking down local start times, is up at   

Andy Chalk
Andy covers the day-to-day happenings in the big, wide world of PC gaming—the stuff we call "news." In his off hours, he wishes he had time to play the 80-hour RPGs and immersive sims he used to love so much.