The Orks go WAAAGH! in a new Dawn of War 3 gameplay trailer

Last week, we got a look at the Dawn of War 3 Eldar hero unit Jain Zar, a high-mobility, high-damage melee unit and "one of the most fabled Eldar in recent times." Now, by way of this IGN First gameplay trailer, it's time to take a look at a slightly different bunch of boyz: The Orks. 

The video provides a look at the Ork faction as a whole rather than a profile of an individual character, and it isn't narrated or annotated, so there's no detailed breakdown of what's happening on the screen. But it does show off a variety of units, from individual Boyz to towering Stompas, and they seem quite effective in combat, if not especially elegant. It's a pretty clear implementation of this line from Ork tactics entry at "Run Boyz up to enemy, krump, and go home." 

James spent some time with Dawn of War 3 in September at PAX West, and came away suitably impressed by its current pre-release state—and that sweet orbital laser. (But who doesn't like orbital lasers, right?) It's expected to be ready for release sometime next year. 

Andy Chalk

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