The Old Republic's Legacy system will let you pick your sister and play your father


BioWare's been teasing details about The Old Republic's Legacy system for awhile now, but they released the first solid details about the game today in their interview with GameSpot . You'll be able to use the system to create specific relationships between all of your characters, turning the jumbled pile of characters on your login screen into an organized family tree of fathers, daughters, wives, and brothers.

You might think twice about ogling that hot new Smuggler alt running around in the skimpy Leia slave girl outfit when you know that she's the daughter of a terrible Sith Lord with a bad temper.

Amatangelo describes the system this way: "It essentially allows you to, instead of just having a bunch of alts that have no relation to each other, you can actually create a family tree where your alts can be related to your main character, either as, you know, a sibling, a son, a father, a family friend, or a husband and wife. You can actually choose the relationship your characters will have with each other."

He went on to tease that the system will also give you perks for customizing new characters and making the leveling up process easier, without giving any specifics. We still have been unable to confirm if the Legacy system will prevent you from accidentally kissing your own sister.