The Old Republic trailer hints at the return of Revan. And HK-47!

hk47 thumb

Darth Revan is so coming back in The Old Republic. In the original KOTOR, Revan somewhat of a big bad guy - using illegal superweapons to massacre the Mandalorians, hunting ancient, even more illegal super weapons, and manipulating stern-yet-compassionate Jedi women. Depending on your actions in the game, Revan can either pose a major threat to the galaxy or be turned into a force for good. It looks like he's back - but is he good Revan, or not-so-good Revan? And more importantly, is that HK-47 ?

If you've never played the original Knights of the Old Republic:

  • You should. Do it now.
  • Beware of spoilers in the comments.

I'm loving the cutscenes they're showing in these trailers. Interacting with the world via dialogue is something that's missing from most MMOs, and that's a shame. Why won't WoW let me snark at bosses before I down them?