The Oculus Quest 2 may have finally killed off the Rift S

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It's been a bumpy road for the Oculus Rift S headset. As a half-step successor to the Oculus PC VR progenitor, the Oculus Rift, it launched with a mix of new and old VR tech back in 2019. It managed to secure a stint as one of the more popular VR headsets but it was swiftly overshadowed by more technically impressive units as time went on. Even its creator, Facebook, would shift most of its attention to the Oculus Quest 2 after just a year into its release, and that perhaps sealed the fate of the Rift S.

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According to Facebook, speaking with UploadVR, stock of the Rift S will not be replenished from here on, effectively stamping it 'end-of-life'.

"Rift S is still available for sale currently in some channels around the world, but as we announced last year, we plan to stop selling Rift S in 2021," a Facebook representative tells UploadVR. "Generally speaking, as channels sell out of stock, they won’t be replenished moving forward."

The Oculus Rift S may already be tough to find in some areas worldwide. Amazon US is all sold out, although here in the UK you can still pick one up for £298. If you really have your heart set on Oculus' PC VR device, it looks like you best get a shuffle on.

The Rift S was an incredibly popular device for the duration of its lifespan, managing to rule over the Steam Hardware Survey for a good portion of its life. It would later be topped by the Quest 2, however, which swiftly took the top spot not all that long after its release in late 2020.

Even with plenty of great alternatives in its stead, it's still a little sad to see the Rift S go. Without any true tethered alternative for Oculus, its end marks an end to Oculus' designated PC VR efforts. Rumours of any Rift 2 tend to end the same way: It's been binned by Facebook's suits. Admittedly, It's hardly a surprise considering the success of the company's standalone headsets.

At least a great deal of that tethered experience can now be easily emulated on the all-in-one Quest 2, and if that's not for you there are heaps of worthy alternatives.

You may want to check out the best VR headsets we recommend to see if any other would make for a fitting stand-in. Beyond the Quest 2, powered on PC by Oculus Link, the Valve Index is practically high-end VR royalty today. It's also possible to run the gambit of cheap to expensive sets nowadays from Vive, HP, and more.

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