The No Man's Sky player using 3 billion units to become the galaxy's Santa Claus

No Man's Sky player Long_Nose_Jim is making a list, checking it twice, and gifting really shiny doodads to players low on cash. As the generous explorer explained on Reddit, rather than a sack full of toys, he's toting a ship full of stasis devices around the galaxy and giving them to anyone who wants one, provided they play on PC and in normal mode. 

Stasis devices are valued at over 15 million units and require considerable resources to craft, but they're only used as fodder for vendors. In total, Long_Nose_Jim says he's hauling over 3.3 billion in units altogether. How did he get so rich, you ask? With "a 20 dome farm with nine large refiners pumping out 16 circuit boards and 16 living glass per harvest," Long_Nose_Jim said. That, and peerless "enthusiasm for crafting." 

Some players were worried that Long_Nose_Jim's generosity might rob some new players of the No Man's Sky experience by obviating their early-game efforts. No Man's Santa addressed these concerns: "I am not joining random games and popping them into peoples inventories," he said. "Some players can't be bothered with the grind for units and just want to explore the universe so to them I say 'I got u fam.'"

If you'd like to get on Long_Nose_Jim's nice list, just add him on Steam (same name) and hope for the best. He says he'll keep giving out stasis devices every evening until he's out of stock. And if you're really strapped for cash, keep an eye out for the lookalike ship that one No Man's Sky player is willing to pay 200 million units for

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