No Man's Sky player offers 200 million unit reward for finding a specific ship

The No Man's Sky Next expansion has been well-received and drawn nearly 100,000 new and returning players into the game, but the reboot of the galaxy has had some unpleasant consequences, too. Changes to planets, resources, and tech were expected, but more of a surprise were some changes to existing, player-owned ships. It didn't affect everyone, but one player's favorite ship was reconfigured, and they're will to pay handsomely to find a near-identical replacement for the original.

Reddit member avaslash posted that they're willing to pay 200 million units (technically, items worth 200 million, since in-game money can't be passed around) if someone can find a match for the ship they lost in the expansion. Here's the nitty-gritty details:

  • must be black or dark grey as the “under” color. A very very dark blue is acceptable.
  • must be white as the “over” color. With the wings and armor being white.
  • must have yellow highlights/decals. Can not have decals of any other color.
  • you must record the coordinate of the system in which it was found and take a well lit screenshot of the ship.
  • overall design must be similar but it does not need to be exactly identical. Please refer to this gallery of hauler designs:
  • Hull Configuration: Patagon-S
  • Cockpit: Katuo-S
  • Wing Configuration: D-Flect
  • Tail Fin: Any except Alula Bonus of 10 million units if it has RTX-IBIS or Rectrix
  • Booster Configuration: Any. Bonus of 10 million for Sabre-05
  • Specialized Storage Configuration: None

If you spot a ship like this on your travels, take a screenshot and note the coordinates of the system. Contact avalash on Reddit, and then:

"We will link up on steam and meet in game. If your screenshots are to be believed then I will give you a 25 million down payment as a gesture of good will. We will travel to the system where you found it, locate a trading station, and when we see one like it land, i will transfer the remaining 175,000,000 units to you (through items of equivalent value such as freighter fuel)."

There's a bonus, too, of items worth 50,000,000 if a suitable replacement is found before August 12. A number of players have already submitted hopeful candidates, but avalash is pretty darn specific as to what they're looking for, and so far an acceptable replacement hasn't been found. So, keep your eyes peeled. It could pay off.

Thanks, Rock Purple Shotgun.

Christopher Livingston
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