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The next game by the Journey and Flower studio may come to PC

ThatGameCompany, the studio responsible for PlayStation exclusive titles including Journey and Flower, announced a new game earlier today. It's called Sky and, by all appearances, it's definitely in keeping with the spirit of Journey. Announced initially as an Apple exclusive (for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV), the studio has confirmed on Twitter that the game is a "multi-platform" game.

So that means after Apple gets its precious little moment to be firsties, other platforms will get the game. Will PC be one of them? Your guess is as good as mine, but only if your guess is "yes". After a long time chained to Sony-exclusivity, I can only assume the studio would like to get its games to as many people as possible.

As for what Sky is, it's a multiplayer social game. The trailer below shows some in-game action, and it looks very nice. The game is due on Apple devices some time "this winter" (summer in Australia) but no word yet on when that exclusivity period ends.

Shaun is PC Gamer’s Australian Editor. He loves masochistic platformers but lacks the skill and grace to complete them. He has four broken keyboards hidden under his desk, filed between an emergency six-pack of Reschs and five years worth of XXL promotional t-shirts. He stares out the window a lot.